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Joint Pain Medication Alternatives

I started seeing doctor after doctor trying to find someone to help me. No one seemed able to find a reason that I was hurting so badly. A few even accused me of being addicted to pain killers and seeing so many different doctors just to get more.  I was infuriated and made to feel guilty all at the same time. So I quit even going to the doctor for a long time after that. The few times I did see a doctor for a flu or something, I didn’t even mention my joint pain.

Finally I started looking into homeopathic joint pain medication. Herbal supplements and blends that could possibly strengthen my joints and help to relieve the aches. Oh my goodness what a confusing world that is! So many herbs and mixes and plants and they all do something different. I even tried accupuncture!

Then one day just a couple of years ago I was online doing my usual searches for “joint pain medication” and came across this website: Joint Advance. I did some reading, looked into the ingredients and thought about it for a few days. Finally I decided that since I’d tried everything else on God’s green earth that I’d give this a shot too. So I pulled out the credit card and ordered.

I was surprised when my order showed up in the mail within a few days. I’d expected to wait weeks. I sat down, read everything that was included and started taking it the very next day. Within a week or so people were asking me if I’d changed my hair or gotten Botox. I hadn’t. I was just feeling better. I was sleeping more than an hour or two at night and it was taking me a little less time to get out of bed in the morning. I still wasn’t a believer though. I wanted long term results out of a joint pain medcation. Not a week or two like others I had tried.

But, within five weeks, I was taking my daughter to the mall to shop and I never had to sit down once! I waited all of that evening for the pain to start and when I woke up the next morning I was actually afraid to try getting out of bed. I was sure that I’d be in excruciating pain.

It was when I slowly rolled over, sat up, and put my legs over the edge of the bed that I realized that it didn’t hurt!

At that moment, I was a believer. And I’ve taken Joint Advance every day since. I’ve gotten my mother to start taking it as well and it’s done wonders for the arthritis in her hands. I tell everyone that I can about this amazing little miracle in a bottle. I really feel like I have a whole new life.

So now, I’m sharing this with you internet friend. You can get TWO BOTTLES FREE right now. And they have a 100% money back guarantee. If you have looked and looked for a joint pain medication that will actually work and give you the relief that you need so badly, take a chance. Try Joint Advance  and then come back and let me know how terrific you feel!

Finding The Reason For Joint Pain

I think I left off before at going to college and deciding that there had to be a reason other than growing pains for all of the pain that I was experiencing each day.

I saw doctor after doctor after doctor and I tried every over the counter joint pain medication that I could find. It really seemed that there was no answer for why I was experiencing so much pain. I even had doctors tell me that the pain was all in my head and suggest that I see a psychiatrist! After a while though I even started to wonder if I was crazy.

Dealing with college and being away from home was already overwhelming and the constant pain in my joints just added so much more to that. I could never just wake up in the morning and get out of bed. There was a whole routine I had to go through first.

Stretching my fingers, wrists, arms… Then moving to my toes, ankles, and legs. One joint at a time. Moving slowly and carefully. Finally managing to sit up and get my feet on the floor. Always wondering if my ankles and knees would support me when I stood up. Just getting out of bed could take an hour! And trying to explain all of this to whomever I had as a room mate each year was almost as difficult.

It’s not easy to explain this way of life to other people. It’s a really difficult situation to explain. We should explain but we usually don’t. Most people who live with chronic pain have faced ridicule and judgments and are “gun-shy,” of the reactions, words or even facial expressions of people who don’t understand. Instead they decide that we’re crazy, or lazy, or a hypochondriac. Why can’t they just accept how difficult day to day life can be when your body constantly betrays you?